Our goal: enliven brands, interjecting passion and purpose. In doing so, we create meaningful connections to target audiences—engaging viewers and creating shared conversations. You see, when a brand moves beyond its own features and benefits to share its target’s interests, content becomes infinitely more consumable—sought, shared, advocated, amplified.

At Revolocity, our focus on “big data” uncovers shared passion points, then we create content campaigns focused on bringing them to life. Emotional, humorous, exciting, adventurous, entertaining—whatever the connector, our content is built around the DNA of the brand.

Content Audit

Unintentional content attracts the wrong traffic or no traffic. With our data team, we audit for the right keywords and adjust messaging to connect with your audience in natural language.

Campaign Content Development

Integrated content campaigns evolving from the collaboration between data, media and creative. Data insights inform targeted content production, which is distributed across platforms and networks aligned perfectly with your audience. 

Content for Social

Get conversions, not just likes. Social content creation is an art form, driven by deep knowledge of your audience and developed to entertain, inform and move people to action. 

Influencer ID & Co-Creation

The most effective influencers are people within communities predisposed to like your brand. By targeting natural fits, your brand will grow organically throughout the influencer’s network and their followers’ networks.  

Story-based Content

Content takes many forms—and we concept and produce most of them well, in-house. Creative films, shows, docu-series, reality-based programming, and more are the results of our data-driven insightful planning.

Programmatic Distribution

Together with our media engineering team, we find the right publisher networks to generate scale, maximize views and engagement with our content amongst key audience segments.

Case Study


When it was announced that the the 2015 Women’s Soccer World Cup would be played on turf, teaming up with Abby Wambach to extoll the benefits of real grass was a natural fit. We brought the conversation to the people with #keepitreal. We took to Tumblr, and created a content-based conversation hub featuring our soccer heroes as well as hopefuls who believe that real sports should be played on real grass. Through a mix of targeted paid native distribution and social media, the campaign has earned over 1.5M video views, with over 30% being earned. And moreover, Scotts Miracle Gro’s brand sentiment shifted from 43% negative to 92% positive.