Mediopolis is a full service media agency designed specifically for the digital age. We were born digital, not retrofitted. (It’s always better to build what you want than re-engineer something for a purpose for which it was never intended).

We are geeks, quants, and techies who don’t just espouse opinions, but leverages data to transform speculation into substance and conviction.

We think bottom up, not top down. Building to “mass personalization”, not “mass media”. We don’t see our job as planning and buying media – we see it as media engineering – building a “machine” where you can put in $1 on one side and get $3 out the other. Like clockwork. And you can count on it only getting better, once we have time to fine tune and optimize every part of the machine.

It’s our job to harness all the potential of this global, interconnected, digitized world of media touch points – that we have dubbed the Mediopolis – and bring it to bear for the business benefit of our clients.

Media Planning and Buying

An integrated team of planners and buyers can build targetted campaigns across channels - forecasting performance and impact.

Programmatic Advertising

The future is programmatic - but with transparency, quality, and targetting issues you need a partner who has direct relationships with publishers and data providers.  And the knowledge to put those relationships to work.

Addressable TV

Leveraging our Engine Room, we partner with data and creative to serve tailored messages for each audience segment, all in the same time slot.

Performance Marketing

We have the technology, data, and process to allow us to run media on a performance basis - where us and our clients can succeed together.

Accountable TV

Using multiple sources of data including our own DMP, we can deliver tailored ads to audiences you know will be receptive.

Paid Social

With a huge variety of targetting options and integration with our DMP - paid social is a great way to market to your fans - and find new ones.

Case Study


Appliance shopping can be confusing, frustrating, and all-around not so fun. Frigidaire aims to change the experience to one of enjoyment, aspiration, and passion. To achieve that, we created “Time’s On Your Side,” a web series and campaign around the passion of cooking, hosted by Elisha Joyce, an emerging chef, author and mom. We used the content to populate digital platforms, social sites and It became an important piece of the consumer journey and energized Frigidaire’s YouTube channel, created an average of 60K video likes with every Facebook post, increasing YouTube views from 100K to 6M. The campaign also increased Frigidaire’s website traffic by 75%, with key increases to product pages–helping their audience while providing passionate product endorsements, from one cook to another.